Tek štirih mostov - News - LET’S RUN FOR HEALTH


9. May 2019, avtor t4m

On the initiative of Dr. Andrej Šubic, a Škofja Loka-based doctor of family medicine, from now on the Four Bridges Run will be run under the principle of ‘LET’S RUN FOR HEALTH’ (as was the case back in 2013). This means that Dr. Šubic will run at approximately the right speed to reach the finish line in a time of 1 hour, 10 minutes. Therefore, a very comfortable pace…for health.

And so that no one will be last!

All those who opt to run at such a pace will reach the finish line in a group, and you will be accompanied by the resounding encouragement of our best supporters and to the sounds of the track ‘We are the champions’. It’s true – we are all winners, so why not join us too!

Upon registration, in the field ‘Group’ enter ‘LET’S RUN FOR HEALTH’ and after paying the registration fee you will receive a running shirt from Garmin, our partner and sponsor.