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Running T-shirt as an add-on

3. May 2023, avtor t4m

Until now, the participants of the Four Bridges 10 km night run have received a sports shirt together with the paid registration fee. This year will be different, as each participant will decide at registration whether they want a shirt or not. When registering, you can choose a quality running t-shirt with a logo for 6 euros – if you need it.

We decided to take this step for two reasons. The first is financial and the second is environmental. All the prices have gone up, so we would have to raise the registration fee considerably if we wanted to cover the cost of the t-shirt as well. On the other hand, many people don’t want shirts at all, or doesn’t need it. The environmental side of our decision is related to the fact that the textile industry is one of the major polluters, and 4BR wants to get as close as possible to the guidelines of the Zero Waste event.